Payment conditions

Basic price for the program is 6750 $ or 6200 €

You can enjoy almost every day in a free light therapies and free frequency therapies.

We can also modify a program just for you and so you can have your own tour in a time which is convenient to you and for the price which is acceptable to you. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

All transactions through our bank account at Nova KBM Maribor which is 80% owned by the American investment fund Apollo with the European headquarter in London. 30% within 7days after you receive our first invoice on your E-mail. 70% in the first half of June 2020. There will be aproximatelly 20 people in each group. Cancelations with 95% refund until 10 of July 2020 and with 65% refund until 10 of August 2020. Please don’t buy air tickets before you have assured your place in our program with the first payment.     

The program is subject to change, especially due to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions, however the vast majority of the activities described will be realized in all scenarios. In most cases we might just change the dates because there is no pleasure to practise activities on the open when it rains. However, this is in September in Slovenia really rare.

Please inform us immediately about any of your diseases or/and your special demands (for instance your kind of food, additional drinks and food etc.), because they are the subject of suplement payments and we also have to check first if we can fullfill your special demands at all.

          Ptuj, October, 2019                                                        mag. Boris Gerjovič MBA

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