Our team for workshops

Participation by your free choise.
All workshops for 2020 summarized:

dr.Sue Ann Cvetko&dr.Marko Cvetko

How to protect your spine? Presentation and preventive examination from dr.Sue Ann Cvetko&dr.Marko Cvetko chiropractic experts from the company Chirofitlife in Maribor

The rule of antioxidants in our everyday life performed by Boris Rižnar dr.med.  SCS Meassurments – Skin Carotenoid Score meassurments (immune system control) with the Pharmanex  BioPhotonic Scanner.

Katja Morsi

How to protect your eyes?. Preventive visual examination performed by optician Katja Morsi from the regional market leader Optika Kameleon


Healing through music – as ex entertainment manager Boris Gerjovič will perform evergreens on classical quitar. Discussion about the influence of music on our emotions and our health.


Your first touch with salsa, presentation from the profesional dancer prof.Tanja Radić. Discussion about the influence of dancing on our health.

Branka Urbanija

Influence of colours on our emotions and consequently on our health – performed by the expert Branka Urbanija.

Melita Ažman

Healing effects of the massage.Presentation from the first class masseur with international experience Melita Ažman owner of the trade mark Belle Ame from Ljubljana.

In pursuit of happiness. How to find your internal peace with the help of Phyllis Krystal method ? – performed by Aleksandra Kelc author of the book “Don’t think – just love!”

Reading your characteristics from your handwriting, performed by Certfied Master Handwriting Analiyst and first class herbalist Magdalena Metelko. Discussion about the right use of herbs at various deseases.

Second skin carotenoid score meassurment (immune system control) with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Comparison of results with results from the first meassurment.

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